Gay Marriage & Economic Growth

For the past few years, France has been longing for its economic growth to rise again, trying all kind of initiatives and measures. For instance, in its program for the next presidential election, the Parti Socialiste (the main left wing party) sees part of an answer to the problem of stagnant growth in state-helped jobs. On the opposite, the right wing claims that room for manoeuvre is too tight and that the only way out of this situation is to tighten the nation’s belt: “work more in order to earn more money.” An appealing phrase that hides the slow and discreet dismantling of our social security… Yet, there are sources of growth that have been ignored by politicians in order to preserve the support of their most traditionalist voters. What if gay marriage turned out to be an important source of economic growth?  

Let’s do the maths !!!
The wedding market represented, in 2009, three billion euro, this without taking into account the depending markets and services such as: wedding lists, honey moons etc… According to several studies, the number of gay people within the general population ranges from 1 to 25%. Since gathering precise figures over such  taboo an issue, still today, let us voluntarily reduce this number to 10% of potential homosexuals within the general population, or even to only 5% (if we make the hypothesis that gay people tend to marry less than straight couples by fear of publicly assuming their sexual identity).   

5% of three billion euro is 150 million euro flowing into the economy per year, and we are still not including side markets and services. 

150 million euro, it is 4000 jobs.
150 millon euro is almost as much as the estimated advertising income of Twitter in 2011.

Beyond economy
Some people will say that it is not just about economy; that such a legislative step raises a huge number of questions and issues, and we will once more hear arguments and points that are ten years old, from before the vote over the Pacs (civil solidarity pact for gay people but not only). Among those, we will find the defence of traditional family, the rights of children, the duty of parents, the unbearable cliché about gay festive lifestyle, or the even more unbearable idea that homosexuals should not have the right to marry (and therefore the right to divorce) because they cannot biologically have children!

To all those pernicious arguments we can answer that since gay people do not have the right to have children, therefore 100% of child abuse cases are committed by straight people and that 100% of divorces are the failure of straight couples. Tell to those who deny gay people the right to raise a family that if human beings were on earth in the single purpose of multiplying, contraception would not exist! Tell to those who deny gay people the right to marry that gays have as much the right to be unhappy as straight people. 

Gay marriage was considered as acceptable by 61% of French people in 2010, and it is, today, allowed in ten countries. 
It is high time that France, the nation of Human Rights, should stop putting aside a part of its citizens, without any valid reasons.

If the human aspect of such an issue is not enough for you, do it for the economy, do it to create jobs and wealth.

Act now!
On June 9th, the National Assembly will take postion for or against gay marriage.

Merci @ Adel Nouar pour la traduction !